Long-form bio

Sergei A. Zyrianov’s newest project “Deuces Wild”, which was founded in Los Angeles, CA in collaboration with other professional musicians from all over the world, is an exciting blend of bebop and modal jazz style elements combined with romantic ballads. The band is focused on performing well known tunes from one of the greatest periods of these music styles in order to convey to listeners the atmosphere of jazz clubs and venues of 52nd street from the 1930s to the 1950s in New York. Concentrating on playing the instrumental music, musicians chased the purpose to occupy the niche of a background as well as dance music. Elegant style is also one of the most important band’s features.


Musicians have applied not only their own improvisation, which is considered to be an essential part of jazz music, but quoting greats who have influenced the jazz development. This allows an audience to plunge into the golden era of jazz art. In other words, Deuces Wild decided to take the best things that we all love in this music and add their current comprehension of it. Artists are using both classic acoustic and modern electric musical instruments which yield the actual sound along with the authentic content.

Musicians believe that only live concerts are able to convey the fascinating and at the same time risky spirit of that remarkable era. That is why an improvisation is a risk based on pure emotions that captivate not only musicians, but the audience as well. Additionally, feeling of musical duels creates a competition among musicians that in its turn establishes the driving force for the development of the musical and technical artists’ skills. All of these were also typical for that particular period of time, and perhaps exactly this was causing a great interest to instrumental music, which had even more fans in comparison to vocal.

Members of Deuces Wild have been influenced by such giants of bebop era like Charlie Parke, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, and other instrumentalists who did their best to improve the beauty of music making it more saturated harmonically and melodically, but at the same time they didn’t complicate it for the perception of a listener’s point of view. Artists have been inspired by not only the classic jazz sound of such guitarists like George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Raney, but more modern guitar tone of Wayne Krantz, Eric Johnson, and Mike Stern as well.

Sergei was motivated to found this band by a short break from gigging, during which he was engaged in teaching of guitar performance techniques at BIMM (British Irish Modern Music Institute) since its branch was opened in Berlin, Germany. In parallel, he was studying various aspects of jazz music on Berklee online certificate program learning from such great teachers as Rick Peckham and Bruce Saunders, and honing his craft. As a result, Sergei along with several professional instrumentalists formed a jazz quintet, where the musicians are going to implement their creative potential and experience on the basis of famous jazz compositions.

Unlike many other jazz bands, which rarely pay attention to rehearsals and prefer jam session format, artists from Deuces Wild are concentrating on a sound quality and teamwork with each other. Thereby, they are trying to focus more on listeners without sacrificing things like composition and dynamics.

Several of the band’s recordings are now available for streaming on Soundcloud, as well as on the Deuces Wild Facebook page.